Individual & Family Grants

According to data from the Office of National Statistics, the average UK household spends £3,224 on groceries each year – and with food prices in the UK rising, these figures will be increasing greatly.
From the 13 January 2020 these are the average UK spends:

  • Food at Home per person per week – £23.30
  • For a house of 3 – £74.90
  • For a family of 4 – £101.20
  • For many, the cost of feeding their own family is too much – and that comes with great stress.
1 week

is what it take us to deliver the items to a family that make an immediate impact on their personal situation. This means that any money you raise on our behalf or donate directly to us, will be helping people in Glasgow within days.

Apply for an individual or family grant

Applications can only be made by a referral Agency on behalf of people living in poverty in Glasgow.

Agencies please REGISTER or LOG IN to our online portal.
*If this is not the help you need, look into Community Grants, School Grants, and Other Sources of Help