Individual & Family Grants

Eligibility Criteria

Who we help:

  • Glasgow City residents only (G1-G53 postcode)
  • Lived in Glasgow continuously for 5 years or more – official proof to be emailed with application
  • Application to Scottish Welfare Fund &/or other charities MUST be done first & outcome known
  • Clients who are vulnerable &/or experiencing hardship
  • Must be referred by Caseworker

How we help:

  • Provide ‘essential’ household items e.g. carpet or lino for bare floors, beds & bedroom furniture, blinds, cookers, washing machines, fridge freezers, etc…
  • Only one award per household per 12 months
  • Items delivered & installed by supplier in clients home within 1-2 weeks
  • No financial assistance with debt, utilities, or everyday expenses
  • Limited budget so only one item OR area of flooring awarded

Additional Information:

  • Application form MUST be fully completed by Caseworker
  • Full income & expenditure details of all residents must be provided
  • All applicants MUST be spoken to by Welfare Officer to assess application
  • Three attempts will be made to contact applicant then application will be

Apply for an individual or family grant

Applications can ONLY be made by a Caseworker from a registered Referral Agency

Caseworkers please REGISTER or LOG IN to our online portal.
*If this is not the help you need, look into Community Grants, School Grants, and Other Sources of Help