Help us to overcome poverty

We are masters at making a little go a long way – which is so important as we receive no government funding. The people we help are not looking for anything special – we help with the basics, that most of us take for grante like kids beds, white goods or flooring. Just take a moment to imagine life without these basics and how life would look.

Your donations help us to provide ‘a normal life’ to people here in Glasgow. If you look in the current Argos catalogue you’ll see some of our most requested items are achievable from small donations adding up:

  • Washing Machine – £180
  • Bunk Beds – £110
  • Fridge – £109

Whether you can make a small donation regularly or a one off – it all adds up so quickly! Just think £10 a month will provide a family with beds for 2 kids!

Read testimonials and examples of our help

Pauline (60) has struggled with physical & mental health problems for a number of years. Her support worker discovered that her bed was broken & she was sleeping on the floor. Also, as she was now alone, she rarely used her cooker. GCF were able to help with a new bed & also a microwave which would help her to prepare quick meals for herself.

Young single person Lisa (21) had become homeless due to relationship breakdown with her mother in the family home – we provided kitchen and bathroom lino after the SWF (Scottish Welfare Fund) helped with carpets.

John (35) was looking after his two children (5 & 8) after the death of their mother from a drugs overdose. He was engaging well with Social Work department & making good progress in creating a nice home for his children. Money was tight as he could only work part time & GCF helped by providing bunk beds & new bedding for the children’s room. We will also ensure they are added to Santa’s List for Christmas this year.

Carly (18) got first tenancy after family breakdown & discovering she was pregnant. Applications had been made to Scottish Welfare Fund & us. GCF supplied flooring for hall, kitchen & bathroom & also a Starter Pack of essential items including pots & pans, bedding, towels, etc….. We also put Carly in touch with Birth, Baby & Beyond – Glasgow charity for babies & young children – to help with various items for baby.

As a result of a breakdown in the family unit, Peter (43) only got to see his 2 children every other weekend. He still wanted them to feel at home in his new tenancy, so GCF supplied bunk beds & drawers to store their belongings.

Tom (54) had lost his job and was awaiting UC payment 5 weeks – he already spent his UC advance on gas and electric and had only one tin of beans in his house. GCF provided ASDA Vouchers so he could get his shopping in and essentials to do him until his UC payment.

Joe (63) had been homeless for many years & spent a lot of time in hostels. He was nervous about living in his own flat & had virtually no personal belongings. His support worker had applied for assistance & we were able to supply a new bed & a voucher to allow him to choose his bedding & other small items to help create a home.

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