Get involved with Glasgow Care Foundation

Thank you for taking the time to find out how you can Get Involved! We appreciate during these times the standard fundraising options need to be adapted.

There are so many ways you can donate to Glasgow Care Foundation – no matter where your interests lie.

We have our own Just Giving Page HERE. 

Here are just a few ideas:

Health & Fitness

  • Walk or Run at Home – Marathon, 5k, 10k
  • Climb a Mountain – Use your stairs at home to climb Ben Nevis or even Everest!
  • Get the kids involved! How many Hop, Skip & Jumps can you do?


  • Birthday Bar – Restrictions stopping you having a proper birthday party? Get all your friends to donate the price of a drink they would buy you on your birthday!
  • Christmas Secret Santa – as we all go online for Christmas, your colleagues can donate their Secret Santa money rather than gifts this year
  • Events – while we can’t meet in person why not add £1 to all online events and donate to GCF?


Fancy a game-athon? Here is a brilliant guide as to how you can turn a hobby into a fundraiser!


Working from home? Why don’t you donate the money you are saving on your daily commute for a week, month or longer! Maybe you can get your colleagues involved to!


Here are a few great links for more ideas:
Virtual Fundraising
A-Z of Fundraising


We all need to think ahead and we rely a lot on legacies left to Glasgow Care Foundation. Have you thought about adding a charity to your final wishes?

If you have an idea and fancy chatting it through with us – contact us – we would love to hear from you!

How your donation is used

We helped a 49 year old single lady lives with her 8 year old daughter and her nephew whose mother was deceased.

Then her older daughter moved in with her newly born child. The child’s father has no contact and she had no where to go. Her daughters income is derived from benefits, and the young baby’s benefits had not yet been processed as yet.

The grandmother now had a household of 5 and no cot or highchair available after paying for food. There were no finances available for these items. This grandmother was doing what any parent would do – support her family in any way she could.

We were able to help by providing a cot and highchair to help them out.

When the money is spent

Single mum Patricia was on her own with 3 small children after a nasty breakup with the children’s father. She was in a lot of debt trying to provide for them.

When one of the children’s bed broke she could not afford to replace it. We were able to offer a brand new bed along with a new duvet, pillows and bedding to ensure the child had a restful sleep. The importance of a good nights sleep for a child is endless – it effects their growth and development.

As a parent not being able to provide basics for your children is heartbreaking – we are proud to be able to support local Glaswegians with these basics.

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