Help us overcome poverty

We are masters at making a little go a long way – which is so important as we receive no government funding. The people we help are not looking for anything special – we help with the basics, that most of us take for granted like kids beds, white goods or flooring. Just take a moment to imagine life without these basics and how life would look.

Your donations help us to provide ‘a normal life’ to people here in Glasgow. If you look in the current Argos catalogue you’ll see some of our most requested items are achievable from small donations adding up:

  • Washing Machine – £180
  • Bunk Beds – £110
  • Fridge – £109

Whether you can make a small donation regularly or a one off – it all adds up so quickly! Just think £10 a month will provide a family with beds for 2 kids!

Thank you so much for your kind donation. The young people who attend Ashton have complex additional learning needs and as such are extremely vulnerable in their local communities. Your donation has allowed us to purchase equipment and establish an accessible play area where families can be supported at weekends and holidays to interact and enjoy spending time with their child and siblings.

Having the playground within the school setting, means that young people can learn the skills of; communication, turn-taking, waiting, safety, social skills and independence in a safe and secure setting, before transferring them to their local and wider community.

Our families are so excited to have a place that is familiar to their child but that allows them to access play, fun and all the things that any young person can do. Once again thank you

Ashton School

I recently obtained £75 vouchers from your organisation for a family. This single mum has three children of her own and following the death of her own mum has recently become responsible for her 3 nephews/nieces. In addition to this she has caring responsibilities for her uncle who has additional support needs.

Having spoken to mum recently she states she is adjusting to her life on universal credit, having previously been employment as carer. Unfortunately she had to give this job up as her mum was her child care. On dropping the vouchers with her I received the following text message – “Thank you so much for the vouchers. It was so kind and is truly appreciated. They are a massive help as having 6 kids home with the schools being off is tough and means I am spending a lot more on food. Thank you again, Stay safe. Sending you virtual hugs”. On behalf of all the families you have helped. Thank you!

Govan Health Centre

If you want to learn more about long term support check out our Ambassadors & Friends Page. Looking to do a fundraising – check out our ideas on our Get Involved page.