Helping the Elderly

GCF helped an elderly lady who was very frail, having been widowed several years ago she became very depressed, reclusive, neglecting both herself and home. Conditions within her home gradually deteriorated resulting in the boiler becoming obsolete, no heating or hot water, dry and wet rot discovered, resulting in this lady’s health deteriorating. The housing officer eventually persuaded this lay to move to another property whilst repair work was carried out on her home. A new central heating system, bathroom and kitchen have been installed, repairs to the property completed, the home decorated lady now due to return. This lady is presently in receipt of her ex-husband's small pension, but due to her mental state has failed to apply for her own retirement pension or Pension Credit, on a low income she was financially unable to afford floor covering or new furnishings for her home. GCF provided floor covering for this lady’s home. Can you make a donation to help someone in a similar situation, please see our donation options #GlasgowCares