About Us

They say good things come in small packages, and that certainly applies to us. We often describe ourselves as a small charity doing big things for Glasgow. When we say small, what we really mean is lean, you see we don't spend a lot of our money on employing a large team of people, in fact we only have one full time employee and two part timers. Supporting our staff are our Trustees and Directors, who all volunteer their time and expertise for free. This approach to looking after our pennies means we can put as much of our funds back into helping poorer citizens of Glasgow to lift themselves out of poverty.
We use the funds we recieve to help some of the poorest people in Glasgow. We do this by helping them with some of the practical items that many of us take for granted. For example we were asked to help a young teenage single mother with a 13 month old child. She had to move from her family home because it was overcrowded. She was given a flat of her own but the child was sleeping in a travel cot, which wouldn't have been suitable for long term use. The mother was financially unable to afford a cot for her child, the government sources refused to provide assistance. So we stepped in and bought a cot and mattress which could be converted to a toddlers bed in the future.